SUP Garbage Man

It's your trash,

I just pick it up.


Who is SUP Garbage Man?!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! 

Where do I start? (Perhaps I should start by telling you that I’m not much of a writer...especially when it is about myself.  I’d much rather be picking trash out of the river. There’s an idea, let’s start with that...)

I like picking trash out of the river. 


I’ve recently discovered a passion for litter picking while Stand Up Paddling (SUP). It combines several aspects of who I am as a person and has become something I’ve decided to dedicate my time to.  SUP Garbage Man enables me to: enjoy my hobby of SUPing, help clean up our litter, and tap into my creative side.  I’ve always been drawn to the water and litter picking. Now, I get to do both! And honestly, by combining the two, I’ve done both a lot more than I ever have before.  Add in the creative aspect of photo documenting my excursions and finds, I’ve found something that I can truly embrace.

Bottom line: I’m just a guy who likes paddleboarding and who doesn’t mind picking up trash. Hopefully I can inspire a few others to do the same. 

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See what I'm adding to my "collection" in real time!

How much have I collected?

As of October 31, 2019: 359 cubic feet

The "Collection"


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